Ted Smykal

Most of the work in this portfolio was done at Hatmaker or her sister studios Big Blue Dot and Corey, McPherson, Nash where from 1994 to 2003 I worked as an in-house illustrator, story board artist, designer, and animator. Each studio has it’s own area of expertise. Hatmaker's is broadcast design. Big Blue Dot does design for kids in all media. Corey, McPherson, Nash specializes in design for web and print. As a full time employee working for three studios with distinct personalities I had to wear a lot of hats—changing and adapting my look and media to fit the requirements of each particular project. Therefore, though there is a consistency in the drawing style the look and media of these samples is widely varied.

 This work also represents the collaborative efforts of many talented designers, illustrators, animators, producers, and project managers. My thanks to the great people both past and present at Corey & Company studios with whom it has been a privilege to work. A note of thanks also goes out to the clients. They often pushed us to take our efforts to a new level and they paid my salary.

 Many of the files on the broadcast and motion pages are
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